Dr. Aslam Khan

Founder and Creative Visionary

Driven by his passion and desire to see every human being have access to the foremost frontiers of healthcare, Dr. Khan has developed the KKT spinal treatment, which adds a new dimension to healthcare while establishing a unique paradigm to the contemporary delivery of medical services.

Dr. Khan has co-authored several research articles that have been published in peer-reviewed medical journals. He is currently working on publishing several other ground-breaking articles that shed light and a new perspective on treating pain and structural conditions related to the spine. Through his vast experience, Dr. Khan has determined that tissue regeneration and bio-synthesis activation offer new opportunities in medical research and has focused his collaborations with other world renown researchers specifically in this area. These endeavours have benefited from Dr. Khan’s exceptional ability to establish a practical bridge linking clinical research with direct application on a very human level.


Dr. Khan has assembled a dedicated team of clinicians, managers and technology specialists who he has empowered to create premier international spine centres capable of delivering the best possible treatment available in the world. Under his leadership, the KKT team is committed to assisting people around the world attain their optimum level of health and well-being in a nurturing and supportive environment.


Dr. Khan believes that the doctor-patient relationship and open communication are integral to the healing process and are mitigating factors contributing to the overall success to the patient’s healthcare experience. With this in mind, he has intentionally created the role of patient management advocate for each centre to ensure that patient information, education and involvement are embedded in the treatment regime.

Dr. Khan's reverberating message to physicians globally makes him a pioneer in highlighting the role and importance of the spine in contributing to muscoskeletal, biomechanical and neurological optimization. Over the years, Dr. Khan has developed new diagnostic analysis applications, exercise programs and spine related medical services and products.


Dr. Khan has been nominated for several innovation and medical breakthrough awards both locally and internationally.

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